Backend Developer

Timewax delivers software as a service to project based companies. We are looking for experienced backend developer that wants to join our team to help scale and further innovate our project and resource planning platform. We also want to create more integrations next to our existing ones like JIRA, Slack and Outlook.  Next to this job opening, we also have an opening for a full-stack or front-end developer

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About the job

We have a stable product that requires little maintenance. We do greenfield development to take this system forward to meet our business goals and maintain our growth. You will be writing code and safeguarding best practices and will have an essential role in designing our new architecture with the rest of the technical team.

These are a few examples of exciting projects you will get to work on:

Designing and building an event-based data architecture to make our platform scale more efficiently and provide a better user experience (e.g., making a new appointment in Outlook instantly pop up in our planning board).

Designing a new data model and picking and transitioning to a new database (e.g., Apache Cassandra or Vitess).

Developing new internal and external APIs to centralize our business logic, allow better integration with external systems and provide updates to our front-end applications in near-real-time (e.g., using GraphQL, SSE).

Build tooling that allows non-technical domain experts to configure and add new integrations, so developers don’t have to (e.g., provide them with a low-code tool or iPaaS).

It’s a joy

“I like that Timewax gives me the space to develop myself. The planning software is a great and challenging product to work on. I definitely feel I’m in the right place here at Timewax.”

Benny van der Bijl


Our stack

We don’t require experience with a specific programming language or tool, but you get bonus points for familiarity with at least some of the tools in our stack, like:

Kotlin with Spring Boot for backend development

ElasticSearch, MySQL, and Redis for data storage

Kafka as a message queue with Debezium for CDC

Kubernetes on Google Cloud

Functional programming, domain-driven design & test-driven development are applied pragmatically

If that interests you, you can also work on other parts of our system, like our front-end codebase or mobile applications described in our opening for a full-stack or front-end developer.

What we look for in developers

We are looking for an experienced backend developer, but we evaluate how you think and communicate rather than the exact buzzwords on your resume. What we look for:

Being able to communicate effectively in English

At least 3, preferably more, years of experience and a good grasp of best practices (e.g., testing)

Experience designing and building API’s & integrations

If you don’t have experience with JVM, but know another language (e.g., Haskell, Erlang, Swift, F#, OCaml, TypeScript), that is also acceptable. Things that we will be looking for, but are not a hard requirement as long as you are motivated to learn about them:

Experience with Kafka and, to a lesser extent, Debezium

Experience with functional programming and domain-driven design

Kubernetes as a hosting platform and CI/CD with Gitlab

Being allowed to work in the Netherlands without sponsoring a visum is also preferable. We will consider exceptions to these on-site and visum requirements for genuinely exceptional candidates (e.g., having made open source contributions to tools or libraries in our stack).

Your manager

“I enjoy being a support person for the team. That often means removing distractions so you can focus on getting things done. I’m also passionate about technology. I’m looking forward to sparring with you, to learn from you and to facilitate you.”

Een foto van Filip de Waard

Filip de Waard


The team

We currently work from home due to COVID, but we are looking for people that want to come to the office in Amsterdam at least once a week when this is possible again. We have a team with:

Eight developers in the team with six different nationalities

A higher than average percentage of women (3 out of 8 developers identify as male)

One or two junior developers in the team, but the majority are fairly experienced

A (former) comedian working as a full-stack developer

We have a small technical assignment as part of our interview process. The result is reviewed in a call or in-person meeting at the office with a few team members, which is an excellent opportunity for you to get an impression of your potential future colleagues.

Want to know more?

Reach out to us, we look forward to have a conversation!